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Started by: zoobabzoobab
Date: 26 Oct 2007 15:19
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Advocates of software patents probably won’t be ready to give up their guns easily. It could be argued that although software consists of algorithms that produce predictable results, the outcomes of their interactions may not be obvious until they actually do solve a problem or prove useful. Admitting this line of reasoning could bring this down to a matter of examining each claimed software patent, instead of a total abolition of software patents — which is what is really needed. Ultimately, the argument may have to transcend the doctrinal tests for patentability and touch on the purposes of patents and their effects. What should we make of the legal morass created by the current situation when it becomes almost impossible to avoid some kind of infringement because of the proliferation of obscure and even frivolous patents? If software patents stifle competition and innovation — which they do — then do they ultimately do more harm than good?
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