P2PNet: ‘Let your customers infringe trolls’ patents’
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Started by: zoobabzoobab
Date: 08 Jun 2009 15:02
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Then i realized, i was an artist, and all the articles on ars, /., techdirt and here reminded me of patent trolls, copyright propoganda, ad nauseum. so, if i patent the ‘idea’, which im sure is easy as fuck to do, then i can lock out innovation entirely, and everyone would be at my whim when i felt like upgrading my software. for the price i demanded, gee, that sounded all too familiar… even if I DIDNT, someone else could, and then force mine off the market.., if only for protecting my right to offer a better software package for a reasonable fee i HAVE to patent it. thats fucked up when a system is so screwed, you HAVE to play their way, or not be allowed into the game at all. it really hits home hard when the realizations of how fucked up the patent and copyright system is in its current state, lemme tell ya.
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