Patently-O: Orion and Taurus: NPEs at the Federal Circuit
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Date: 26 Mar 2009 14:10
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The '627 patent is patent reformer's poster child for damages reform. The patent covers a method that helps a sales clerk properly order the parts that match a customer's needs. It is hard to know what the value of the incremental invention as compared with the prior art back in 1989 when the original application was filed. I will note that the $34 million patent has only 15 claims and includes means-plus-function language in the claims. Claim 1 of the patent is reproduced below: 1. A computerized method of selling parts for particular equipment specified by a customer, comprising the steps of: a) receiving information identifying a customer's parts requirements for the equipment, comprising the step of receiving equipment application information, comprising an identification of the equipment with which one or more parts are to be used;
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