IPWatchDog: Obama Wants Open Source IT Solutions for US
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Started by: zoobabzoobab
Date: 23 Jan 2009 14:35
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Open source advocates are going to love the fact that Obama wants to transition the US government away from proprietary solutions. I don’t have any dislike for open source advocates, and I wish them well. I do have a different view of the economics though, and of the patent system. I hear all the time that software patents prohibit innovation, but then when you talk to those who say they cannot create because of patents it is clear that they don’t understand patent law and are saying that not because it is true, but because that is what they belief. It always comes as a shock to computer programmers when they learn that just because it is in a patent doesn’t mean you can’t take it without infringing. They just don’t fully understand that for their to be infringement each and every element of a patent claim needs to be taken and residing in the allegedly infringing product. If you explain it that way then those who are honest realize that most software patents really prevent very lit
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