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The Microsoft key to win the software patent debate is to divide and conquer. Here is how they plan to win.
by: zoobabzoobab
23 Nov 2007 17:56
3 by Anonymous
25 Nov 2007 09:39 Jump!
The Free Software Foundation is warning on its frontpage that the US-Peru Free Trade Agreement is requiring a mandate for software patents. Does someone has a copy of the text?
by: zoobabzoobab
19 Nov 2007 09:20
4 by andreasrandreasr
11 Dec 2007 17:34 Jump!
TheRegister has a story on the company InRotis, a client of Beresford, who withdrawn from the attempt to revert software patents in UK because its pending software patent was granted by the EPO. Nice way to bypass the UK ban on software patents.
by: zoobabzoobab
17 Nov 2007 23:01
A job offer by the EPO recruiting software patent examiners appeared recently on But the EPO don't grant software patents.
by: zoobabzoobab
14 Nov 2007 10:12
Keith Beresford, well known british hacker of the European Patent Convention and author of the book "Patenting Software Under the European Patent Convention", is trying to reverse the Macrossan case in front of the High Court in UK.
by: zoobabzoobab
12 Nov 2007 15:11
There is still heavy internal discussions going on whether to use the C-Word. A World Cup of CII was organized by IENA which kindly pointed to FFII ressources.
by: arebentiarebenti
12 Nov 2007 11:03
2 by pieterhpieterh
13 Nov 2007 11:17 Jump!
FFII has submitted its objections in writing to the Opposition division of the EPO on their preliminary ruling over the patentability of the Amazon one-click patent. The actual practice of the EPO is not a legal foundation for reasoning of the Opposition Division, article 100a EPC is.
by: zoobabzoobab
07 Nov 2007 17:48
Quantity and concentration of patents strengthen the case for legislative reform
by: Anonymous
01 Nov 2007 21:46
3 by cheapnike51comcheapnike51com
30 Oct 2010 01:08 Jump! is reporting about the launch of a End of Software Patents (ESP) campaign in the United States. It seems that the group will try to reach its objective by creating caselaw at the US Supreme Court. Finally some movement against Software Patents in the US.
by: zoobabzoobab
01 Nov 2007 12:13
In this video Mark Webbink explains how historically software was never meant to be but was patented in the US for the first time and how after the US anti-trust case Microsoft resorted to software patents as a way of legally obtaining an anti-competitive weapon. (and explains why it is heavy lobbying to legitimize their software patents in the EU, which the EPO has been granting illegaly.)
by: davidbldavidbl
28 Oct 2007 14:46
Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of Sun Microsystems, is announcing that the company is countersuing NetApp for patent infringement. NetApp is currently suing Sun for patent violation over their ZFS file system. Jonathan is asking the question whether "ZFS Puts Net App Viability at Risk?". That might be the wrong question, but at least he is thinking about patent reform.
by: zoobabzoobab
25 Oct 2007 10:06
EU Commissioner Kroes' deal with Microsoft creates real dangers to Europe's growing open source economy, warns the FFII. Using patent licenses that exclude businesses, the software monopolist has turned the EU competition ruling into a victory, and now gets implicit support from the Commission to proceed aggressively against its competitors.
by: zoobabzoobab
23 Oct 2007 10:11
2 by Anonymous
06 Nov 2007 15:47 Jump!
FFII is currently opposing the Amazon one-click patent (EP927945) at the European Patent Office based on subject matter exclusion (EPC art52.2 - exclusion of computer programs from the field of patentability). This broad software patent is listed n°10 on the FFII's webshop poster and impacts any webshop running on the internet. The Opposition division made a preliminary decision last 30 July. Guess how they replied to FFII's opposition: just add a computer to your computer program, and the EPO will give you a computer program patent.
by: zoobabzoobab
18 Oct 2007 10:44
Try to make a patent search during the night hours at EPOLine, the wonderful crappy service from the European Patent Office and get nice messages.
by: zoobabzoobab
16 Oct 2007 17:29
In an article published by EETimes, Marshall Phelps is mentioning that Microsoft has been busy for the last 18 months to buy patents instead of applying for them for a total amount of USD 1.4 billion. Not bad.
by: zoobabzoobab
16 Oct 2007 10:15
Let's replace the word tax by patents in the speech of Charlie McCreevy, ex-minister for Finances in Ireland and Commissioner for Internal Market.
by: Anonymous
15 Oct 2007 16:59
The head of the Philips patent department has been one of the driving force behind a report ordered by the European Commission on "Removing barriers for a better use of IPR by SMEs" published in August and recently linked in the newsletter published by the European Commission's Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry. Philips, the most aggressive company when it comes to software patents, was already one of the main driver behind a similar chapter on 'how to better educate SMEs to use software patents' in the controversial report of the ICT Task Force.
by: zoobabzoobab
11 Oct 2007 17:33
Brad Smith, one of the top Microsoft lawyer, mentioned the patent strategy of the firm in order to license their patented protocols to competitors.
by: zoobabzoobab
18 Sep 2007 09:22
5 by zoobabzoobab
20 Sep 2007 14:16 Jump!
One of the reason why China is trying to develop new standards for IT is the taxes collected by foreign patent holders.
by: zoobabzoobab
20 Aug 2007 16:32
2 by aaddadaaddad
23 Aug 2010 08:20 Jump!
The Register reports that Qualcomm has been found guilty in San Diego of ambushing the H.264 video standard with undeclared patents. If this ruling is upheld, we could see the beginning of the end of patent ambushes on standards. Let the vendor beware!
by: pieterhpieterh
09 Aug 2007 06:49
2 by aaddadaaddad
23 Aug 2010 08:13 Jump!